Thursday, July 19, 2007

Resharper, TDD and VS 2005 Shortcuts

Yesterday I was looking for some cool videos demonstrating the power of a cool
VS 2005 AddIn named ReSharper coming from a company located in Prag (JetBrains).

I am actually one of the happy and sattisfied developers who are using this great,
dramatically improoving productivity tool. It is a beautiful thing to watch Jean Paul's flying code generation.

Check this by yourself from here (Part1) and here (Part3). Unfortunatelly I was not able until now, to find the second part of that Video. Maybe one of you will have more luck.

Jean is blogging about very interessting things and one of them is also a post where he 
provides us with a link to Keyboard Shortcuts Poster for VS 2005.


Ilya Ryzhenkov said...

Did you checked this?

As for other parts of JP videos, check this

Maciej Glowienka said...

Hi, Ilya !

That's what I was looking for. Thank You!

By the way, You did a GREAT JOB with ReSharper 3.0!