Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Thoughts and Links on Test Driven Development

Hi, again!

I was totally busy since the last post, but here I come again.

The topic I will discuss here is "Test Driven Development" since
I am a big fan of this approach and have used it in many IT projects.

A colleague of mine has sent me a link yesterday (Many thanks to Pawel by the way!)
to Doug Seven's blog, regarding TDD.

That brought me to write down my favourite links on this development approach.
Here they comes:

- Ronald E Jeffries XP Programming homepage, which sumarizes all the things, you should know or be aware of when starting to use eXtreme programming techniques.

- NMock2 - a mocking framework I have used for last 2 years. Thank You guys! I love to use it.

Other links will follow, when I find more time.