Friday, March 30, 2012

Audi to extend the Q-Family by further new models...eventually


It's quite interestant to see, that Audi is thinking of extending the Q Family by further new models. According to a german fan blog page, which took their news from, the car manufacturer will eventually extend the Q family by 4 new models:
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  • Q2 a sportive coupe SUV based on A1
  • Q4 a sportive coupe SUV located between Q3 and Q5
  • Q6 a sportive coupe SUV located between Q5 and Q7
  • Q8 a luxury high end SUV
The only thing is, they will not come before 2016 what is sad at all, because in the meanwhile, other german premium car manufacturers like BMW or even Mercedes will offer much more SUV like models to their customers.

However, my dream still seems not to become trough. I really dream about a big VAN (like VW T5 Multivan) styled and made by Audi, that is capable to catch up 7 adults and their baggage and looks beautifull like all (almost all) Audi models do.

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