Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Please support my Ideas on


I have added two new ideas to Microsoft's poll for user ideas for Visual Studio on
If you like them, please add your votes to them.

1. Provide an option to save Visual Studio Settings on SkyDrive

In Visual Studio we have the possibility to share our settings via a network drive. The only problem is, that if you do not have a home server, you need to synchronize the settings by yourself via i.e. USB Dtick between your work-PC, home-PC and notebook. It would be great, if we'd get a possibility to save the settings on SkyDrive, to allow all VS instances on each computer we use, to use the same settings.

2. Provide a way to share content between Metro Style apps and Desktop Apps

Currently, since Metro Style apps are sandboxed, there is no possibility to share the content, which they show with a desired desktop app. Such a desktop app would provide more keyboard friendly input possibilities than a Metro Style app does. It is extremly important for business users to provide a way for fast input, but on the other side, it would make sense to have a touch friendly Metro Style app that can be shown during a presentation of KPI for example.



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