Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Here I come ..


Ehm.. well , as just stated, here I come, or better to say my blog.

Some words about myself before I start to blog here:

1999 was the year when I decided to made my hobby (which actually was programming) to my job and had become a software developer in a small company of my friends in Hamburg/Germany. Since that time I have worked in many software projects for my customers where I have learned much more than from any book I ever read before about mismanagement of development projects. I have wondered that many of the projects I have heard about or I have worked on could not be finished due to wrong concepts, wrong assumptions, misunderstanding of real business needs and ... . Believe me when I say that it was very disgusting.

Well probably because of such bad impressions I made, I have started to "look behind the wall of code" and started to read on topics like software architectures, business analysis, automations, managing software projects and so on to take a deep step into these topics.

A few months later I had started to work in a software project where I was also included from the beginning on in processes of business analysis for a new software solution. After about 3 months full of meetings and discussions with the guys from business, I have finally got (written down by myself) all the requirement and functional specifications that were necessary to start the development phase of this project.

Well, sure, I was very busy by explaining to my customer that it was necessary to have all these specifications brought to paper in detail, instead of starting programming from the beginning on. As many of my previous customers this one was also mainly interested in having something to play with, but he has trusted in my skills and knowledge. Within these three months, I have presented only a small prototype but after finishing the specification phase, I was able to deliver a first tiny-thread-prototype within two weeks and a fully working solution within another 2.5 months of work. That all having a clean n-Tier architecture as well as the MVP Pattern (Model View Presenter) in place in a ASP.Net 1.1 solution!

You may guess how much time I have spent doing changes on the resulted software: ...

well ... only 1 week .. where the main work was to change some graphical designs.
That all because of very good understanding of business needs in upfront of development.

It was worth it to spend such a long time to discover all needs and wishes of my client to have him then fully satisfied.

Why am I blogging... because "Think First Code Then" is my motto and I would like to share my impressions, knowledge, thoughts and many, many more with you.

Ok, let's start to blog...

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