Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New Microsoft Design Programs : Impressions from an MS Presentation in Hamburg at 7th May 2007

Last monday I took the oportunity and joined a presentation at Microsoft Office in Hamburg
regarding the new Expression Tools.

This presentation took about 3 hours and unfortunately only the last 20 minutes were satisfying for myself. Why? Because the most joners were not even familiar with the new upcoming Microsoft Technologies like WPF and WPF-E(that has been meanwhile renamed to Silverlight).

Uhm..some of them seemed not even to be familiar with XML.... but they were probably coming from the business area, wherefore it was not a mess.

But in the last 20 minutes I saw Microsoft Expression Blend "in live" and I must say that it was very impressive.

And the best thing was, that we have been informed that thetimeline in MS Expression Blend is really based on time and not on frames like i.e. in Macromedia(Adobe) Tools used for Flash productions, where people must always convert time to number of frames by theirsevles.

The two guys from MS have also shared their contact data which I will give to you at special request. Their blog pages are:

Steffen Ritter - MS Expression Product & Audience Marketing Manager

Oliver Scheer - Developer Evangelist

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